Since 1984: Cascina Longoria

Wine Producer in Neive

From grape harvest to barrels: that’s how Grapes become Wine, coming from the Vineyard and passing through the cellar, where Carlo, with the help of his nephew Davide, works solidly and enthusiastically every day of his life, in order to get high quality wines and to become one of the best wine producer in Neive. The bottles they produced ideally combine family tradition with the innovation, such as using the historical Rovere of Slavonia wood side by side with other new cutting-edge technologies.
Founded in 1980, the new cellar develops day after day in order to improve the quality.

Baric Toso Longoria Barbaresco Red Wine

Cascina Longoria

Barbaresco Bordini

The cellar is divided into three parts: the bottling, the labelling and the storage of the products, related to the wine making process (also known as ‘vinification’), which is realized in stainless steel tanks and sometimes used for wine ripeness (just in case wines do not need to get aged in wood barrels). The third part, which is also the most evocative and fascinating one, concerns the ageing and the sharpness processes.

Side by side to the classical Piedmontese Rovere Wood barrels used for Barbaresco “Bordini” wine, it is possible to find a little “barricaia” in order to sharpen Barbera d’Alba “Ardote” wine. And here it is where the best wines grow up, in the moist and natural environment of the silent cellar.

“I veri intenditori non bevono vino: degustano segreti.”

Salvador Dalì

Our Wines

Barbaresco Bordini Italian Wine Cascina Longoria Toso

Barbaresco “Bordini”

Vineyard location: Cascina Le Doti Bordini Neive
Grape: Nebbiolo da Barbaresco
Volume: 14,5% vol ca
Colour: bright and sparkling ruby-red with garnet-red shade

The Barbaresco DOCG is obtained from pure Nebbiolo grapes. The refining process lasts two years with 18 months in a barrique (dimension: 225 liters). This wine is perfectly ready between the 5th and the 10th year and the Barbaresco is
procuded only in Neive, Treiso and Barbaresco.

Dolcetto Alba Superiore Italian Wine Cascina Longoria Toso

Dolcetto d’Alba

Vineyard location: Coazzolo – Località Pranda
Grape: Dolcetto
Volume: 14% vol ca
Colour: intense red

The traditional Pietmontese table wine. The Dolcetto d’Alba DOC
aged in inox tanks until Spring and then it is bottled. Its taste is particular: dry, a bit sour and acid. This wine is recommended
with Piedmontese starters, salami, stews, white meat and fresh cheese.

Nebiolo delle Langhe Italian Wine Cascina Longoria

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

Vineyard location: Neive – Cascina Le Doti
Grape: Nebbiolo
Volume: 14,5% vol ca
Colour: garnet-red with ruby-red and orange

The Langhe Nebbiolo DOC is aged for two years in oak
barrels. Its perfume reminds blackberries, raspberries, rose petals,
cherry flowers, vanilla and spices. This wine is dry, full-bodies,
tannic and gentle and elegant at the same time.

Barbera Alba Superiore Italian Wine Cascina Longoria Toso

Barbera d’Alba Superiore

Vineyard location: Neive – Cascina Le Doti (Ardote)
Grape: Barbera “Ardote” DOC
Volume: 14% vol ca
Colour: ruby-red when young and garnet-red after the agin

This wine is aged for 12 months in wood barrels in order to be “Superiore” (superior). Thanks to the fine barrels, the Barbera d’Alba Superiore “Ardote” has a bit of tannins and its acidity is sharped. This wine gets its full-bodied taste only after the aging. The best match for this wine is with first courses and meat main courses

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