Pensai a quanti luoghi ci sono nel mondo che appartengono così a qualcuno,
che qualcuno ha nel sangue e nessun altro li sa. 

Il diavolo sulle colline – Pavese

Farmhouse Longoria: from 1894

Toso Family - Our Story

Giovanni Toso bought Cascina Longoria in 1894.
It is a tipically Piedmontese historical farmhouse and bed and breakfast located on the eastern hill of Neive. This is exactly where Fratelli Toso’s Wine History began.
At the beginning of the century, agricultural sector was mainly based on wine-making activities, looking after the vineyards.
Wheat production, cattle farming and more in general all the traditional rural activities in Piedmont basically took up most of the investments and plots of land. Vines represented a complement intended to wine-making, firstly used for self-consumption, while the rest of the production was usually sold to the grapes market.

FamHouse Cascina Longoria Toso Brothers
Toso Family Neive - Our Story

Fratelli Toso: A strong Brotherhood

Carlo, Giovanni’s youngest child, had three sons: Natale, Giovanni and Antonio, who very quickly handed over the baton of their father. They started to lead the company exclusively in the direction of wine market, buying a new farmhouse, known as Cascina Malvirate, and another important vineyard called “Saccati”. Both of them are located near the little village of Castagnole delle Lanze and they are more intended to the production of Moscato Wine.


As the wine market was constantly growing, their company goal was to expand nationally.
Natale is the only one of the three brothers who got married: his sons,
Carlo and Corrado, are currently leading the company. Carlo studied Oenology in Alba, where he graduated in 1979. Now he is holding the reins of the wine-making production at the farmhouse, while Corrado deals with the agronomic part.

Red Wine Barbera Alba Superiore Ardote

Cellar expansion

The new winery was inaugurated a year later, in 1980. In 1991 the purchase of the most important property was perfected: a 17th century farmhouse, just outside the ancient village of Neive, known as “Le Doti” with an adjoining Barbaresco vineyard in the Bordini hill.
The company has never ceased to expand and renew itself, both with the purchase of new land, and through new integrative activities to the production of wines.


Both farms are equipped with a tasting room and the possibility of buying wines directly on the farm.
Currently Cascina Longoria dei Fratelli Toso boasts 40 hectares of land, 20 of which are vineyards.
The continuity of Giovanni’s dream is guaranteed by Alessandra (daughter of Carlo) e
Davide (son of Corrado) who are already included in the company.

A centennial history

Cascina Longoria- The History

FamHouse Cascina Longoria Toso Brothers

The purchase of a property: Cascina Longoria

Giovanni Toso bought his Farmhouse, Cascina Longoria, in the little town of Neive, from which also the Wine Company took the same name.


Botti Barbaresco Fratelli Toso Neive

The new cellar

The inaugural release of the new cellar in the evocative rooms of the farmhouse, where wine production and sharpness used to take place.


Azienda Agricola Produttori vino Neive le Doti

The purchase of a new farmhouse: Cascina le doti, ``Ardote``

This is another historical farmhouse dated back to 7th century and located in the old town of Neive, bought together with Nebbiolo del “cru” and “Bordini” vineyards in order to produce the excellent Barbaresco DOCG Wine.


Longoria B&B Neive

Cascina Longoria new opening: The Holiday Farm

In 2004 Cascina Longoria opened the Holiday Farm, successfully managed by Corrado’s wife, Ornella.


Neive Cascina Longoria

Renovation of wine-tasting rooms

Renovation and restyling of the tasting rooms are properly combined with customers meeting and greeting in their showrooms, where it is possible to buy the products.


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